opening and softening

Silent, sacred solitude comforts me in the hushed morning, before the world awakens.

In these nourishing, restorative moments, I offer myself into the rhythms of natural awakening.  Mindful, intentional movement connects me with something greater, and my heart opens and softens.  I am returned to a soulful place of deep reflection and quietness.

Deep gratitude for trilling, bubbling birdsong that signals the first hint of enlightened sky.  The gradual influx of voices, movement, electronics begins, and I am consciously arriving into my day from a place of peaceful Be-ing.

Long ago, I left behind the manic lifestyle of alarm clocks, rushed mornings, forcing eyes open into bright lights and sudden, invasive noise.  I’m thankful to have made conscious choices to greet the days in a more soulful, still way.  For it is only in stillness that I discover myself truly opening and softening into the full-heart experience of BE-ing.

That is what I wish to carry forward into the world.


  • Lynda says:

    Dearest Renee, I feel your blossoming – BRAVO! Thank you for mentioning me and my work within other soulful sites…a privilege to be here with you. Love, Lynda xx

  • Aly says:

    What a beautiful blog….reading it is like taking a warm bath in the dark with candles. I am learning to BE….process…thank you

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