I listen to gentle pattering of rain droplets on the windows in this little cabin.  The most enchanting blooms of perfect pink roses grow on wild bushes out back.  For endless years of city living, my heart ached to live in the woods in a small log cabin.  My spirit is in paradise.

A few moments of solitude this morning in silence.  Well… near silence.  Small, twittering birds dance amongst the tiny, cool rain-mist droplets with soft little chirps, while the clock on the kitchen wall takes advantage of the quietness, making itself known with an increasingly louder monotony of tick tocks.  The harder I try to not hear it, the louder the ticking seems to be.

What a joy to be able to remove the battery!

Not so with my thoughts, nor with the habitual ‘white noise’ in my ears from too much time spent with no time for silence.   Like the clock, my thoughts and my busy-ness also grow louder as I try to not listen to them.   Giving my attention and effort to avoiding them gives them power, because attention is attention, no matter what kind.

So I gently take my attention elsewhere, to the silence, to the heartfull thankfulness for where I am in this moment.  Eyes open yet ‘resting’, I breathe in deep, cleansing breaths.  I breathe out affirmation of my trust in the Universe that everything is exactly in the place it needs to be.

I do not try to rid myself of the thoughts nor the busy-ness.  I do not try anything.  I simple breathe and Be.


And finally, I am quiet.

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