slowing into silence

A walk in solitude along an abandoned beach on this rainy day, delicate pinpricks of moisture gently pelting my face, refreshing me, reminding me that I am awake and alive.  I breathe into gratitude as I look at the world through artist’s eyes.

Shifts and changes have been happening as I nurture conscious connection with the natural world around me.  Amazing transformation happens when I slow down long enough to be present in the moment.

I walk in reverent silence, deeply thankful for my surroundings – for the connection with earth, ocean and sky.  Heart-smiles as I glance up into the shimmering magic of a brilliant rainbow appearing against a background of dark grey clouds overhead.

I reflect on my journey from the long road into the depths of sadness and destruction to a life of gentle acceptance.  It has been a hell of a climb, but exercise (even the torturous, monumentally challenging kind) builds muscle, and this path has brought a great depth of emotional, mental and spiritual fitness.

Finally the relief of leaving behind the need to act the part of the Energizer bunny – keeping myself going regardless.  Embracing the shift into once again gently honoring my own inner rhythms, allowing the natural flow of spirit within me, through me, and outward into the world.


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