stillness in the fog

Low tide tenderly blanketed in enchanting fog. The haunting call of a single seagull in the distance. I inhale deeply the cool autumn ocean air.

A lone walk made more solitary by the wafting mists. Others walking in their own quiet worlds, a simple nod or quiet hello in reverence for the stillness of this serene space.

I am quiet inside, deeply grateful that I live in this place – that my daily walk includes the beauty of this beach, this ocean, the changing tides and ever shifting weather.

The peace I have found here reflects a peace that I have found inside. My own sense of reverence.

I recall not too long ago looking back on my recent ten or so years and realizing that I’ve had enough of crisis… I am damn ready for a happy ending.

Instead, I’ve come into an absolutely amazing, contented, settled, non-dramatic, happy beginning.

So blessed.

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