stop the glorification of busy

Busy seems to be a badge of honour.

A dangerous and destructive one.

The world in which I live teaches that the purpose of scheduling time for rest, recreation and rejuvenation into our busy lives serves one purpose: to power up so we can jump back onto the hamster wheel of busy.

Keep moving. Act more. Produce more. Earn more. Be bigger. Stronger. Achieve more.

Be happy. Think positive. No regrets. Don’t look back.

Time off? Fill it with activities.

Have a cold? Take some meds to mask the symptoms so you can get up and keep moving.

Someone close to you passed away? You’ve got three days. Stop mourning and get back to work.

Glorification of busy. Stop it.

Busy itself isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, I love the occasional burst of busy in the right circumstances – it can be exciting and inspiring.

It’s the glorification of busy that is a problem. As if being busy all the time is a healthy, balanced, harmonious way of living when, in reality, it’s not anything close to being sustainable.

I don’t get it. What’s so great about busy, anyway?

Busy is not synonymous with efficiency. I can keep myself busy with time wasters and never really accomplish anything meaningful.

Busy doesn’t necessarily mean things are getting done. In fact, it usually means things aren’t being done well.

Busy doesn’t make me important.

Busy doesn’t validate my existence.

Busy doesn’t fix nor take away my problems, it only distracts me from them temporarily while they root deeper.

Busy isn’t just physical. In fact, busy mind (also known as “monkey mind”) can be more exhausting. And it crowds out room for inner peace.

Busy robs me of spontaneous, soulful connection with those I love. If I’m always watching the clock, waiting to move to my next “thing”, thinking about the past, planning the future, I can’t enjoy true depth of intimacy.

Instead of glorifying busy, I would much prefer moving through moments of busyness with awareness and a sense of being fully present in Now.

I’d rather enjoy being busy, but not worship it.

I’d rather glorify and nurture a balanced way of life: busy and quiet, activity and stillness.

Just stop the glorification of busy. Because that’s where inner peace and tranquility live.


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