women’s self-care circles

Have you been yearning to be a part of a group of other like-minded women who want to connect in an environment of supportive, restorative self-care and mindfulness?

These women’s self care circles may be just the thing you’re looking for. They offer you opportunity for an hour or two of nurturing connection in self care with other women in the community.

The unique energy of our circles creates a relaxed, no-pressure environment in which you’ll replenish in a safe, gentle, supportive space.

What Do We Do In The Women’s Circles?

Our circles are a place to share in different ways. Mostly, we are a talking circle, a respectful place where everyone has the opportunity to speak her truth, her story, her questions in safety.

We’ve shared on a diversity of topics, including mindfulness, self-care, women’s issues, spirituality, depression/anxiety, addiction recovery, compassion burnout, and more. Whatever you bring to the circle in the spirit of consideration and kindness is honoured and supported.

Each circle is gently facilitated, where I offer the group gentle guidance in learning self care and mindfulness. We’ll address barriers to self-care, and offer practical tools for bringing mindful self-compassion to all the experiences life offers you.

Our atmosphere is warm, relaxed and intimate. Peaceful and respectful. I’m always curious to see how each circle evolves with the different blend of women in each group.

“I have greatly benefited from attending women’s circles guided by Renée. She gently encourages and allows the circle to unfold naturally. Supportive, genuine, safe and healing would describe my experience. [She] also has a wonderful sense of humour, allowing playfulness to enter.” ~ Marla

Do You Need To Bring Anything?

As an option, you may wish to bring your journal, a warm blanket or cushion, candles, a favourite tea. But it’s not required. Bring whatever moves you, or just bring yourself. (We’ll have a selection of teas available.)

Do You Have To Sign Up?

The drop-in nature of these women’s circles means that you’re not obligated to commit to attendance on a regular basis. You’re most welcome to join us for one circle or several, as you choose.

Registration isn’t required, though I’d appreciate if you’d let me know you’re thinking of coming in advance by email or on Facebook so I have an approximate head count. If you’re not sure if you’ll be able to come, it still helps me if you let me know you may be attending.

Is There a Cost?

We do have expenses wherever we meet, so there is a suggested donation of $5-$10. If your circumstances don’t allow for that, please get in touch with me for other options. I want you to be able to attend anyway.

I look forward to you joining us and bringing your own energy into our women’s self-care sharing circles. See the right column of this page or the events calendar for upcoming dates or to get notified when new ones are added.



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