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2-Minute Practice: A Break From Technology

Need a quick break? Try this 2-minute mindful self-care practice for a bit of mindfulness and self-care when you need it.

The world will still be here when you’re done.

Right now, this is your time.

Let’s slow it down for a few minutes.

Take a break from technology.

Pause checking your messages.

Move or turn away from all screens. Computer. Tablet. Phone. TV.

Turn the clock so you cannot see it.

Turn off your notifications and ringers.

Let everything that is technology go. Just for a few minutes.

Now… before reading on… pause a second. Slow it down even more. Remember, this is your time.

Now, let your body relax into a comfortable position.

Take a deep, restorative breath.


Do you feel the soothing release?

Now another.

Deep breath.

Bring your awareness to the simple, quiet space within. Your own private, inner sanctuary. No one but you here in total relaxation.

Feel your jaw relax, your shoulders drop.

There is no one and nothing else here but you and your breathing.

A restful state.


You are free of the distractions of time and obligation, just for these few minutes.

Sit and be where your feet are.

When it’s time, allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings.

Choose which ringers, alerts and screens you’ll turn back on. Take your time. Do it slowly. Consciously.

There. A refresher of mind and spirit.

Deep peace.

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