Hi, I'm Renée LeBlanc, owner of ONEmindfulness.com. Welcome.

I'm a group facilitator, certified Recovery Coach, writer, and consultant in the fields of self-care, personal wellness and addiction recovery.

Since the late 1990s, I’ve been facilitating supportive women’s circles, self-care groups and retreats, teaching self-care workshops, and providing one-on-one support in Canada and United States.

In a world that tends to glorify busy, my passion is in slowing down and creating calm, mindful communities and environments where we can be fully present, meaningfully connect with one another, and nourish self-care for deep and lasting wellbeing.

My Background

Throughout the years, I have continued to receive ongoing training and mentorship — some formal, some informal —  in facilitating groups, delivering workshops, and offering one-on-one support. I was part of a team of trainers delivering the first Recovery Coaching training curriculum in Canada.

As a writer and consultant, my work with professionals and organizations in addiction recovery, treatment and addiction medicine includes providing written and designed content, consultation, and passionate advocacy for leading-edge, forward-thinking, scientific and evidence-based progress in the addiction recovery field. I’ve been on my own journey of long-term recovery since 1987.

For over thirty years, I was a web designer, developer, graphic designer, writer and editor with a bunch of varied experience in the tech world, including teaching courses and one-on-one tutoring. As a consultant, I’ve helped companies clarify and create strategies for web and marketing. For something completely different, I have worked in the music industry, once worked as a cord-board telephone operator, ran a pizza joint, and created the brand flippedthoughts.com.