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Creatively Inspired Downsizing

Simplicity and minimalism doesn’t have to mean bare walls and whitewashed, sterile environment. It can be creatively inspired.

I’m not just downsizing. I’m practicing conscious, creatively inspired downsizing.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written here. My apologies, dahlink. I’ve been off wandering through the mists, dancing lightly over the graves of what could have been insatiable captors, feet tiptoeing a lovely fandango-turned-whirling joyful expression in this newfound lightness.

That, and I’ve been busy becoming a DIY addict.

I’m not talking about crafty, scrapbooky, floofy kind of DIY things. (Floofy is SO a word.)

My reignited creative inspiration has appeared in the form of designing and building furniture out of reclaimed items, household fixits, creative interior design for my 430sq ft home, and maybe a crafty DIY project or two as gifts.

Downsizing my home has been transformational. It wasn’t just a move into a new space, it was a move into a new space.

Gave away or sold 75% of the things I thought I couldn’t live without. Went through old, stored boxes and assorted other stuff, reassessing my definition of need vs. clinging.

It was a good, solid, simple clearing. An exercise in impermanence. A lovely, peaceful, exciting freedom to embrace a more mindful future.

It is in comfort with my need for the fairly extreme level of solitude as an introvert that I’ve discovered this deeper connection with myself and my creativity.

I am an introvert. Solitude in which I make no apologies for who I am is where I find my most delightful creativity.

And delightful it is!

Okay, back to puttering around amongst my lumber pile soon-to-become coffee table/bed support, and dresser-turning-coffee bar.

I’m blaming Pinterest for this.

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