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31 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude transforms. Looking for a way to acknowledge it in your life? Start the 31 Day Gratitude Challenge right here on this page.

The 31 Days of Gratitude Challenge originally took place in March, 2016. During the live event, a gratitude prompt was posted and delivered to participants’ inboxes and Facebook feeds every day.

But you can start it right here in this self-directed Gratitude Challenge any time you’re ready.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Commit to it: You’ll get the most benefit if you make a commitment to yourself to participate every day. Better yet, use the buttons above to share this with your friends and do the Gratitude Challenge together.
  2. Get the prompt below: Each post contains a short inspiration, suggestion, theme, exercise, or unfinished sentence about gratitude for your contemplation and reflection. Start by clicking Day 1 below and spend some time with whatever comes up for you.
  3. Create: Decide how you’d like to express your experience with that day’s Gratitude Challenge post. Could be a word or phrase, a video, paragraph, song, photo, collage, poem, or just a simple comment. Whatever moves you. Be creative.
  4. Share: Choose where you’ll share: in the comments below each post, on the ONE page on Facebook, or tweet @deeperpeace.
  5. Repeat: Come back here to get the each day’s prompt until you’ve done all 31 days. Enjoy!

The Gratitude Challenge Prompts