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All That’s Left Is The Love


Grieving may never end, but it transforms into a more accepting, peaceful place of love.

The sudden passing of someone whom I loved very deeply and intimately. I travel to the place of his memorial to share with others his life and the graces he’s given each of us in this lifetime.

Most of his life he struggled – the intense inner struggle of finding himself. Finally the last two years brought relief. He stopped searching and embraced the journey. For the first time ever, he discovered his true meaning of inner peace.

And then, suddenly, he left his body just a few short days ago.

We mourn for ourselves. When the grieving passes, all that is left is the Love.

Je t’aime, Raymond.

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  • Cliff says:

    when we stop searching we find that what we are looking for is already here and always has been. there is nothing to seek that we don’t already just takes us a while to realise that doesn’t it?
    i offer merit to Raymond and to you.
    in gassho

  • Silence says:

    I have deeply pondered your words, as they reflect my journey so well.

    Observe the silence between the seeking, and what is sought appears effortlessly.

    Seeking is not “finding” anything – it is merely taking off the old blinders that prevented us from seeing that it was there all along.

    Thanks and Peace to you.

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