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Chai Latté and Letting Go


It’s easy to let go of things that you don’t like or want in your life anymore. But what about the stuff you love?

Guess I didn’t have as much to say as I thought I would.  Or as often. Huh.

I’m in my office again for the first time in over a year.  It’s odd.  Slightly awkward. But I’m happy to be sitting here. I missed writing… and I think it missed me too.

I’m sitting at my desk sipping a Chai Latté and listening to Korn and Amy Lee make an interesting mashup of Freak On A Leash.  Oh, should I be working?  Um, to hell with the ‘should’ thing… this is what is inspiring me, waking me up, informing my own creativity.

Theme of the day: Letting go.

It’s easy letting go of things you don’t like or want in your life anymore.  It’s an easy call to get rid of crap you can’t stand, people who make you feel like shit, or things that just aren’t working for you anymore.

But what happens when you have to let go of something – or someone – who is good for you in so many ways, with whom you have an amazing connection, who brings amazing things to your life?

It’s complicated.  Ewww, I’m cringing as I type those words. Complicated. Hell no, it’s actually incredibly simple.

So I do what I have to, release it with my tears into the ocean winds with love and hope for the best, wherever it ends up.

Too corny?  Yup, probably.


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