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Healing: Always Find My Place Among The Ashes


Falling is ok. Because I always find my place among the ashes. Always.

Because in order to truly rebuild, sometimes things need to completely fall apart.

And as Amy Lee so beautifully belts out in Lithium, I always find my place among the ashes…

In silent solitude I reflect on my recent few years of grief, courage, upheaval, rebuilding and journey toward  deeper peace.

Before I can rise above the ashes, I need to find my place among them. It’s the natural cycle of change.

Wish I’d started these blog posts about my grieving process in the beginning when in the throes of this major lifetime redirect. Imagine a record of it all from the start – a tribute to my process through the heartache.

No, it couldn’t have happened that way. I needed to be on the other side of the intensity.

And so it is. Here I am, ready to record, to write, to explore what needs to be said about it all.

Falling is ok.  Because I always find my place among the ashes.  Always.

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