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Depression. Anxiety. PTSD. Call for help.


Canada Help Line 1-833-456-4566 | USA 1-800-273-TALK (8255) | U.S. Crisis Text Line: Text “home” to 741741

Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, PTSD, BPD, OCD and others may not show up visibly on the physical body.

Neither do many forms of cancer, lupus, osteoporosis and other ailments that are commonly and easily accepted and acknowleged as legitimate.

For some reason, those other illnesses elicit sympathy and a whole lot of public donations, while mental illness is thought to be imaginary, attention-seeking, or a moral choice.

As many of us know, though, mental illness is all too real.

If you suffer from it, I want you to hear me.

Just because other people can’t see it doesn’t mean you’re faking, feeling sorry for yourself or can just snap out of it.

You aren’t weak, stupid, or not doing your work.

PTSD. Anxiety. Depression. Fuck shame.

Fuck shame.

Just as millions of people break their arms, get chickenpox, contract the common cold, millions suffer from some form of mental illness.

You are not alone.

Mental illness can be treated. There is a ton of hope, even when your illness tells you there is none.

Together we can get through this thing.

I’m not blowing sunshine up your butt here. Every day I battle invisible ailments, including MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) and mental illness.

I’m in the trenches. I live it. Breathe it. Every. Day.

So, I know. I know.

Treatment is available.

It’s hard to get help when the thing you need help for is telling you you’re not worth it.


Please make the call.

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