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Daily Remindfulness Prompts

Thought-provoking, inspiring, sometimes even amusing daily prompts for you to ponder, right to your inbox or feed.

What are Remindfulness Prompts?

Each daily remindfulness prompt offers ideas to ponder for mindfulness and self-care. Some serious, some soft and gentle, some get-off-your-ass, some silly… that’s the fun of it. You never know what will come next.

How to use them:

  1. Think about what the prompt means to you. Does it resonate with you? Do you disagree with it? There’s no right or wrong answer. Anything that comes up is valuable.
  2. Comment on Facebook or on the prompt webpage, share it on social media, use the prompt for journalling, as a discussion topic with friends, as inspiration for a creative project, or just as something to ponder.
  3. Facebook tip: Facebook’s algorithm automatically only shows you what you show them you want to see. To make sure you get every prompt in your feed, click the Following tab on our page and change In Your Newsfeed to See First, and Notifications ON. Like, Share or Comment every time you see a post from the ONE page to keep them coming, or you won’t receive them.