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Retreat From Chaos Just In Time

I find myself tempted to react.  I come close to being drawn into the chaos, but retreat from it just in time.  Why bother?  What good will it do?

A flurry of deaths and uncertain lifespans within the space of a few short weeks.

I observe the chaos of others’ reactions around me, and I attempt to maintain my own inner silence.  It’s tempting to react. Close to being drawn into the chaos, but I retreat from the drama just in time.

Why bother being chaotic and dramatic in a time of grief?  What good will it do?

I am here do what needs to be done while we grieve. I make my own decisions for myself instead of resenting others for trying to take control.  My walk is my own; I act instead of react.

So I return to silence and wait. Do what is in front of me. Be the observer.

And in the silence I find peace.

There is no reason to push the river.  Everything is happening in its own perfect timing.

Look past the illusion of “right” or “wrong”, and honour the natural flow of things.


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