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Mindfulness: Watching The Grasses

Forcing my way through building pressure only leads to more pressure. Mindfulness allows me to refresh and recharge so I can return with energy.

Sitting in my loft office, telephones ringing, computers humming, ideas swirling, deadlines looming.  Awareness of pressure building.

Dropping everything in the moment, I walk outside.

Into the pasture, wandering amongst the tall grasses.  Mind whirring.  I breathe in deeply, turning my face to the sunshine.  Eyes closed, blissful and soothing.  Lovely.

Another deep breath, inhaling the scent of summer meadow. Relaxing. Yet another breath, the mind slows.  Deeper breaths, deeper relaxation.

I sit where I am, almost buried beneath the tall stand of overgrown grasses.  Gentle breezes tickle my face with the tips of the grass.  Delightful.  Nearby the grasses are flattened; a bed where a doe and fawn have been sleeping at night.

I watch the grasses around me.  The way they bend in the slight breeze.  Eyes gradually come into greater focus on each strand, observing the greenness of each blade.

A deeper level of awareness as I catch the tiny movement of bugs on the ground.  Almost invisible threads of spider’s silk come into vision, floating on the currents of warm air, destination unknown.

Eyes focus on the movements of this tiny world, and I am transformed.

Conscious, mindful walking, I venture back to my loft office, ready to return to my duties, refreshed and recharged.

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