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What Is Inner Silence?

Inner silence is a deep calm of mind and spirit. A sense of stability within. Emotional intelligence.

What is inner silence? Simply, the absence of automatic, unconscious or subconscious reaction to thoughts or feelings.

A sense of stillness within. Quietness of mind and emotions. Stability and deep calm of mind. Emotional intelligence no matter what is happening around us.

The freedom to live lightly, in harmony with life’s natural flow and our own inner rhythms. A foundation of honesty, respect, compassion, kindness and fairness.

Being at peace.

Why be silent inside?

In a world that glorifies busy, full of angst, bravado, chaos and constant activity, there is seldom room for things that cultivate inner silence: self-reflection, contemplation and being present.

Always more, come over here, do this thing, you’ll be better if you buy this product, you’re missing out if you don’t check your Facebook.

A person who feels pulled and stretched, overwhelmed and frantically busy, physically and mentally, is not in the most capable position to make the best decisions based on clarity, independence and freedom.

Without a sense of inner silence, constant struggle and drama can have dire consequences on the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. Physical illness, adrenal fatigue, aggravated anxiety and depression, chronic tension, blame, victimhood, denial.

What keeps us from being at peace?

  • Monkey mind – Inner silence is not something that can be figured out or intellectualized. Thinking about it won’t make us silent within. Knowing what we need to do won’t create it.
  • Emotional neediness – Being silent within is not the same as feeling peace, bliss or joy. It isn’t euphoric in any way. Doing what we love or keeping people or things around us that make us happy won’t bring inner silence.
  • Blame – It may be tempting to believe other people, things or events are in the way of our inner peace. If only we get rid of toxic people, get a different job, move to a different place, we’ll be able to be peaceful. Not true at all. Inner silence does not imply that life will be absent of outside stimuli; we  simply become non-reactive and non-attached to them. In fact, the opposite happens. When approached through thinking and feeling, inner silence becomes elusive.

How does inner silence happen?

Like mindfulness, inner silence doesn’t just happen.

Inner silence is an intentionally cultivated way of living which strengthens with practice.

It begins with the openness and willingness to adopt and assimilate a more understanding, compassionate way of being. Then, to make a commitment and have discipline to form habits which nurture it.

How to cultivate inner silence

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